Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Racial Harmony web page. As a grass roots organization, Racial Harmony’s mission is to increase understanding, cooperation, and communication among all races and ethnic groups. Racial Harmony is a third-party neutral, not–for–profit 501(C) (3) community organization dedicated to making a difference through mediation, teaching, training, and cooperative learning. To facilitate this, Racial Harmony commits to the following goals:

  • To communicate effectively the meaning and benefits of ethnic and racial harmony.
  • To promote and initiate strategies for increasing racial and ethnic understanding.

Racial Harmony continues to make great strides in its efforts to partner with other community organizations to carry out its mission. As a result, several initiatives are underway to provide youth development opportunities and environmental awareness projects for the community. One such initiative is the organization's facilitation of the effort to improve the quality of education for all community students.

As a volunteer organization, we rely on the hard work, dedication, and contributions of members and friends to make a difference. We are making inroads in the community and moving into new territory as we work with and develop partnerships with local municipalities and business organizations. These efforts will only bear friut if the community at large demonstrates its willingness to support organizational initiatives. Therefore, I encourage you to support Racial Harmony and other like-minded civic organizations. I invite you to consider joining the organization; attending and supporting events and activities; supporting fund raising efforts; and promoting understanding, cooperation, and communication among all racial and ethnic groups. It's only through us working together that we will make Racial Harmony a continued force for community improvement.

Thank you again for visiting the web site and I look forward to you joining us or seeking out additional information about our work to support the community!

Yours in Service,

Jerril Jones

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About Us

Racial Harmony

Racial Harmony is a third party neutral organization dedicated to promoting understanding, cooperation, and communication among all races and ethnic groups.

Racial Harmony partners with other community organizations that share a similar mission, vision, and goals. The organization also co–sponsors annual events with several partners.

Youth–to–Youth: a program designed to promote understanding and communication among area high school youth and to provide leadership development training. The program follows the train the trainer concept in empowering youth to become advocates and leaders in their schools, churches, and organizations. Co-sponsored with the YMCA of Southwest Illinois and other organizations.

The Annual Racial Harmony Gathering is a community event celebrating the diversity among us; cosponsored with the Belleville News–Democrat and the Belleville Human Relations Commission.